Aishwarya Krishnaswamy in red shirt.
mumbai, india
majors: neuroscience, psychology
interests: brain, executive functioning, human dynamics, pampering plants, bike rides, oberlin skies, spicy food, cool boots, mornings and sleep routines, flowers, deep conversations, chai latte
ben smith with dog yogi
monroe, georgia
majors: flute, east asian studies
interests: pomeranians, coffee, pokémon, sarcasm, video game soundtracks, k-pop, nostalgia
Biba Duffy-Boscagli.
santa barbara, california
majors: art history, comparative literature
interests: kite-flying, journaling, eating spectacular food, and finding out about music i’ve never heard of.
springfield, ohio
majors: timara
interests: videography, dressage, marvel, hats, german, drum corps international, sleeping at last, and taking naps.
el paso, texas
majors: economics, east asian studies
Interests: Learning languages, working out, midnight breakfast, 2000s R&B
Claire in a baseball cap pointing up to the right.
buffalo, new york
majors: timara, environmental studies
interests: concerts, statistics, hockey cards, twitter, golden retrievers, bass guitar, collecting sounds, astrology, traveling
Elise outdoors on a summer day
rockville, maryland
majors: environmental studies, economics
interests: ecological design, blue economy, languages, movies, jazz, brazilian culture, gap years, vegetarianism, elephant pants
north reading, massachusetts
majors: biology
Interests: botany, medicine, Chinese language and culture, baking, philosophy, Ultimate Frisbee, word play, D&D, and painting
Emma grabs onto a tree branch and smiles
east lansing, michigan
interests: gender, sexuality and feminist studies, comparative american studies, comparative literature, theater, writing, bullet journaling, pesto, doodle jump, social justice, and obama.
Ilana with her viola
omaha, nebraska
majors: viola, mathematics
interests: old buildings, travel, books, chamber music, art museums, baked goods, thrift shopping, fish tacos, going barefoot
washington, dc
majors: psychology, creative writing
interests: cereals, geico commercials, making spotify playlists, reading about psychological studies of the 20th century, obscure hiding places, college radio, kindness
Janelle wearing a pink sweatshirt
nashville, tennessee
majors: english
interests: the beatles, psychology, cats, the color grey, languages, cinnamon, color-coding, puns, breakfast
Lanie Lee Cheatham.
salt lake city, utah
majors: neuroscience, psychology
interests: baking, cooking, fermenting, jewelry-making, embroidery, hiking, contemplating perception, tea, marveling at the complexities of the universe, meditating
head shot
ann arbor, mi
majors: horn, english
interests: short fiction, sandwiches, art history, dogs, animation, semicolons, empathy, my plant frances
A photo of Meredith, a smiling young white woman with brown hair.
pittsburgh, pennsylvania
majors: history
interests: reading, history, field hockey, nature, offbeat humor, acting, and a warm cup of tea on a cold winter's day.
Minerva Macarrulla.
brooklyn, new york
majors: environmental studies, comparative american studies
interests: the moon, dance improvisation, writing, long walks, talking to plants
reynoldsburg, ohio
majors: politics, creative writing
interests: rediscovering home, political theory, poetry, embroidery, baking tasty things, self and community care, visiting art museums, transformative justice
pittsburgh, pennsylvania
majors: biology, economics
interests: wildlife conservation, history, cooking, watching sports, pesto, traveling, attempting to learn languages, drawing, irish music, politics
Ruth Bieber-Stanley in the sun
albuquerque, nm
majors: psychology, german
interests: the human brain and behavior, languages, dance, feminism, fun socks, social constructs, chai, sweaters, puns, helping people, haikus, baby goats
melbourne, australia
majors: computer science
interests: swimming, diving, water polo, coding, reading, guitar, photography
theodore canter.
new york city
majors: cinema studies, history
interests: balkan/slavic/arab/jewish music and history, filmmaking, podcasts, foreign languages, farming, acoustic guitar, abandoned buildings, homemade coffee, biking, hiking, fall leaves, running, travel, backgammon, calligraphy, spicy food
broward county, florida
majors: economics
interests: poetry, working out, toaster strudels, tupac, backpacks, competitions, football, self-care, shoes, and having a crisp fade and a nice lineup
cleveland, ohio
majors: neuroscience, education studies
interests: listening to motivational youtube videos/music, spending time with family and friends, reading and writing, eating food, and tutoring.


Cora Hasegawa in a black and white shirt.
admissions counselor
majors: cinema studies
interests: movies, animation, taiko, knitting, reading, baking, jane austen, musicals, studio ghibli
assistant director of conservatory admissions
majors: voice, english
interests: toni morrison, anime, practicing art songs, traveling, video games, dancing

bloggers emeriti

monterey park, ca
majors: computer science
interests: rgp video games, comics, reading, thinking, programming
head shot
boulder, co
majors: english, philosophy
interests: criticism, 19th-century art and culture, popular music history and aesthetics, landscapes, conversation
brendan: west windsor, nj; frances: san rafael, ca
majors: history
interests: brendan: cats, chinese, the destructive nature of animal agriculture, arianda grande, bop it. frances: film photography, hiking, feminism, cats, trying new foods.
head shot
chicago, il
majors: sociology, rhetoric and composition
interests: independent research, hanging out with friends and family, basketball, writing, and dining at the feve
woodridge, il
majors: piano
interests: piano, organ, the outdoors, psychology, outreach, writing, napping
El wearing a hat
pittsburgh, pa
majors: psychology, creative writing
interests: writing, reading, very loud mainstream music, american sign language, caffeine, psychology, watching too much youtube
Emma, looking pensive.
houston, tx
majors: politics
interests: intersectional feminism, cheesy '80s music, art museums, salt and vinegar chips, outer space, crop tops,
evanston, il
majors: latin american studies
interests: cholula, languagaes, cumbia,
sex education, comedy, baking seasonal
pies, describing my feelings
Portrait of Hannah
seattle, wa
majors: violin
interests: reading, watching cooking shows (i looovve jaques pepin), and buying different varieties of tea and coffee
Hanne smiling with arms folded
san francisco, california
majors: comparative american studies, gender, sexuality, and feminist studies
interests: self and community care, performance poetry, brass bands, harm reduction, the bon appetit youtube channel, pink theory, hot chocolate
atlanta, ga/dallas, tx
majors: english
interests: sports journalism, hip-hop, guitar playing, social justice, christianity, weightlifting, marvel comics, dragonball z, harry potter, star wars, etc.
head shot
new york, ny
majors: cinema studies, english
interests: filmmaking, literature, social psychology, architecture, creative writing, theater, history, languages, marvel, cats
A headshot of Kameron wearing a light blue v-neck shirt in front of a garden.
detroit, mi
majors: politics
interests: writing, politics, rhetoric, twitter, storytelling saxophones, freedom, pasta, restorative justice, communications
lansing, mi
majors: environmental studies
interests: rock climbing, mechanical pinsetters, environmental justice, tea of all varieties, mental health, being a good friend
Kira smiling
sebastopol, ca
majors: comparative american studies, cinema studies
interests: burritos, storytelling, blue skies, reproductive justice, baking, documentaries, swimming in rivers, broadway, pickles, journalism
melrose, ma
majors: latin american studies, politics
interests: language learning, sports studies, poetry, schnoodles, and talking about my oberlin roommate
head shot
bryn mawr, pa
majors: environmental studies, politics
interests: video games, dense forests, writing, making playlists, singing in the shower, horticulture, bad jokes, legalese, latin, poetry about plants, national parks, anything floral
rockport, ma
interests: acting, singing, writing, drawing, biking, travelling, not corn dogs
head shot
majors: environmental studies, politics
interests: cooking, photography, myers-briggs, politics, languages
Rachel Gibson's Profile Picture
tower​ city, pa
majors: percussion, timara
interests: practicing ​percussion, ​playing theremin, free improvisation, experimental music, john cage, doctor who, anime
This is Sam's head
montclair, nj
majors: history
interests: politics, history, fiction, playing guitar and violin, songwriting, the new yorker, puns
chicago, il
majors: history
Interests: Peace & conflict studies, education,
therapy, baking, writing, running,
singing in the shower
head shot
boulder, co
majors: english
interests: writing, swimming, hammocking, poetry, podcasts, teahouses, outdoor adventuring, chocolate, bookstores
new plymouth, new zealand
majors: dance, computer science
interests: tricking, tumbling, acrobatic movement, dance, circus, rock climbing, music, nature, malaphors.
san francisco, ca
majors: theater
interests: theater, photography, cooking and eating, traveling, musicals, baby goats
cincinnati, oh
majors: psychology
interests: humans, basketball, nba 2k17, pastries, arguing with friends